BDS Staff Meeting 12 May 2009

Questioning Part 2


Revision (5 minutes)
  • Readings
  • Book list
  • Classroom activities

Think-Pair-Share (20 minutes)
  • Take a few minutes to think back on what questioning strategies you have used in class since the first questioning session in March.
  • Share with a partner.
  • Move into larger groups and summarise the keypoints - successes, failures, implications etc.
  • Groups report back, record information.

Movie Clip (10 minutes)

Essential/Big/Fertile Questions (20 minutes)
  • Brainstorm - What is a fertile questions? Traits? Purpose?
  • Handout - traits of a fertile question. Implications for current inquiries?
  • Question Matrix

What next? (5 minutes)
  • Keep integrating questioning activities from previous session and try something new.
  • Identify where your students are in Trevor Bond's Questioning Rubric. Aim for levels 3-7 over time.
  • Incorporate use of the Question Matrix where possible.

“Inquiry is not so much seeking the right answer -- because often there is none - but rather seeking appropriate resolutions to questions and issues.”
"Inquiry should be motivated by questions whose purpose, meaning or relation to the real world are apparent to the child."
Karen Sheingold

An essential question that arises from imaginative engagement is an important way to bring teacher, student and subject matter together in ways that enrich all three."

Further Reading/Information