eastnet Cluster Day

Sky City Convention Centre

30 January 2008

Jan-Marie Kellow's Powerpoint "Developing Your School Inquiry Model"

To find out more about using ICTs with inquiry and more about inquiry-based learning in general, see Jan-Marie's website www.inquiringmind.co.nz

Dorothy Burt gave a presentation entitled "Integration of ICT" . She began her session by renaming it "Implementing eLearning", with an explanation why.
During the session she referred to the Pt England School podcast, Korero Pt England. She mentioned threaded conversations and example of that is on the podcast blog kpetv.blogspot.com Her own blog is found here Manaiakalani
The following iPod-ready movie of her slides needs Quicktime player to run...

Mark Treadwell:

You will find below references and resources I refer to in my talks which you may find useful.

1. We spent last year writing a book covering all aspects of the transitions to the new education paradigm and the impact this will have on all aspects of schooling. The book will be available online in March 08. I have attached the first few unedited readings as a sample . This is for your reference (not for national/international distribution!). The book will be available for download from http://www.Schoolv2.net in March as well as in book form.

We are presently working on the companion volume to “Whatever” which will focus on a curriculum that has the power to support the teaching and learning practices described in “Whatever”. The “Whatever Next: The Global Curriculum” will be based on a conceptual curriculum and will include background information on developing units of work, a revised version of inquiry learning as the core learning/teaching process and how competencies will form the core of the new global curriculum. This work is due for completion in May 2008 and will be available for download from the same site as above.

2. We suspended the monthly newsletters and web site reviews last year as I had too many projects underway to maintain my sanity! These will recommence in March 2008. You will receive these automatically once the service recommences if you send an e-mail to mark@work.co.nz with the word newsletter in the subject line.

3. a)The KnowledgeNET (http://www.knowledge.net.nz/ ) is an Online Learning Environment which has been designed and developed here in New Zealand by Dataview (http://www.dataview.co.nz/ ), a company I am a Director of. We presently have about 160 schools using this environment from Rangitoto College (3000 secondary students) to Opoutere School (83 students). If you wish to have demonstration of this environment e-mail the sales team at enquiries@knowledge.net.nz and we will arrange for someone to meet with you and demonstrate this service to you.

3. b) SmartASK is a new service we are offering to school. SmartAsk is an online portal that gives key stakeholders up-to-date, ‘on-demand’ access to an individual students’ education progress. It provides instant access to data you choose to share on the portal and is updated in real time from your SMS.

Students and parents can access assessment results, attendance details, and reports as you finish them The Benefits of this service includes providing schools with the integrated tools need to streamline student administration, enable stakeholder collaboration, and individualise instruction. The entire system is web based so educators, parents and students, have access to information from anywhere at anytime. http://www.smartask.co.nz

4. I do some consultancy work for schools on the big picture of where education is heading as well as on integration and use of appropriate technologies within teaching and learning. Details of these sessions can be found at http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/consultancy.htm

5. Please find below additional resources which you can access http://www.i-learnt.com/ for the online notes I use at conferences. Just click on the axe for the section on the new paradigm. Other sites outlined below.
· Web site reviews, (LHS on menu) http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/
· School V2.0 http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Schoolv2.html
· Professional Development readings, http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/research.htm
· Monthly newsletter http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/archive.htm (These will recommence in Feb 2008 once the book is completed)
· Digital content libraries http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/Online_Digital_Content.htm and
· Image libraries http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/Online_Image_Libraries.htm
· Marks Online notes; 2nd paradigm http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm%20home.html
· The 2nd Renaissance "Nouvelle Compréhension" http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Nouvelle_1.html
· John Hattie's Research http://www.i-learnt.com/Environments_SM_&_LMS_6.html
· The Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/
· QUT Free online Information literacy course http://pilot.library.qut.edu.au/
· Competencies http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Competencies.html Rose Hipkins video discussion of competencies is available from http://www.tki.org.nz/r/nzcurriculum/schl-curriculum-design/key-comp-studies-06_e.php and makes a great staff meeting presentation.
· Eclectic-Sequential-Relational http://www.i-learnt.com/Paradigm_Consequences.html
· Google Advanced Search http://www.google.co.nz/advanced_search?hl=en (for searching creative commons resources)
· MoE paper on Assessment http://www.minedu.govt.nz/index.cfm?layout=document&documentid=11249&data=l link is on the bottom of the page to the pdf download

6. Professional Learning library. Our recommended top twenty books http://www.i-learnt.com/The_Educators_Library.html

7. Video Clips
· www.ted.com whole site is full of brilliant talks but Sir Ken Robinson is top of the pops (70Mb) and is great. Gets everyone questioning why we do what we do. http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/66 (18mins)
· Did you know? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIqk4agzKPE (7 mins)
· Shift happens http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEFKfXiCbLw (7 mins)
· Richard Baraniuk http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/25 The end is nigh for books aka LP’s (18mins)

8. Ministry of Education New Zealand
· The New Zealand Draft Curriculum http://www.tki.org.nz/r/resource_link/sept2006/draft-curriculum_e.php
· Ministry of Education http://www.minedu.govt.nz/
· ICT Strategic Framework for education http://www.minedu.govt.nz/index.cfm?layout=document&documentid=11734&data=l
· Curriculum, Teaching & Learning http://www.minedu.govt.nz/index.cfm?layout=index&indexid=1004&indexparentid=1072

i-Learnt http://www.i-learnt.com (Mark's online notes from lectures/presentations)
Dataview Ltd http://www.dataview.co.nz (NZ's 15th fastest growing company)
KnowledgeNET http://www.knowledge.net.nz (The KnowledgeNET Online Learning Environment)
Teachers at Work http://www.teachers.work.co.nz (web site reviews, Image Libraries and DLO's)
Conference presenter http://www.teachers.work.co.nz/consultancy.htm (list of speaking topics)
LERN http://www.lern.org.nz