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Inquiry-based Learning
Info Literacy and Inquiry Models
National Library of NZ
Viscount School

Teaching for Learning Cycle
Four Levels of Inquiry
Graphic Organisers
Solo Taxonomy

Hooked on Learning wiki
Hooked on Learning website
Learning Lamp (Plot PD)
Foundations: Inquiry
Pt England School
[[|Selwyn Ridge School]]
The Inquiry Page
Concept to Classroom
Institute for Inquiry
John Dewey
Inquiry Rubric

'Overcoming Student Failure'
by Martin V Covington and Karen Manheim Teel
Published by American Psychological Association
(first printing 1996 second 1999) ISBN 1-55798-343-7

Learning Models

Jamie McKenzie's Research Cycle
Trevor Bond's SAUCE
Big 6
Super 3
Lane Clark's Ideasys
Problem-based Learning

Gwen Gawith's Action Learning
Gwen Gawith's 3 Doors to Infoliteracy
Noodle Tools
The Learning Journey
Kath Murdoch's Integrated Inquiry
Seven Pillars
Guided Inquiry
Mark Treadwell
Ralph Pirozzo

Viscount School

New Basics
9 Step Approach (Simmons)

Pt England School model