Voicethread is an online tool for conversation and collaboration. It describes itself as: "group conversations around images, docs and videos."

To use it, you will need to register at Voicethread. It's free to register. Your registration details will be emailed to you immediately. Remember to make a note of the username and password you have chosen!

Cybersafety issues: You can choose whether your 'voices' are private or public. You can also choose whether to allow comments, and to moderate comments. Members can choose a number of identities or make use of clipart pictures to protect students' privacy.

This is a short example of how Voicethread can be used.

In my class we have created various Voicethreads, and because it's online, it stays current, and updates automatically whenever there are comments added. Here's an example of some Techno Time (collaborative teaching) between a Year 5 class and a Year 1 class.

More examples are available on Sparkle,

This is a voicethread that a Year 1 class and a Year 5 class did together.